User Guide

Thank you for using Jaaan Wear.
If you have any questions about shopping, please check here.

Check before ordering

Some of the product images sold in our store are images generated by Original Please note that they may differ from the actual product.
If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to contact us here .

About delivery of products

The products we sell are drop-shipped using Since we print and ship after receiving an order, it may take about 10 days for the product to arrive.

About AR content

The operating environment for AR content affects the operating environment for 8th Wall. Please refer to the following page.
System requirements for 8th Wall
The usage period of the AR content is guaranteed for six months after purchase. Thank you for your continued support so that you can continue to use it after the six-month period!

About washing

When washing in a washing machine, turn the print side inside out and place in a laundry net to help preserve the precious print.

About your order

how to order

  1. On the page of the desired product, select the necessary items such as size and quantity, and press "Add to Cart" to add the selected product to your cart.
    *If you make a mistake, you can delete it from the cart screen.
  2. If you do not have any other items you wish to purchase, please click "Add to Cart" and then "Proceed to Checkout".
  3. A confirmation screen will appear asking for your coupon code, contact information, and shipping address, so please enter them as necessary.
    1. The total price (including tax) of the products will be displayed in the order summary section.
      If you have a coupon, please enter the coupon code.
      After entering the coupon code, click "Apply" and the discounted amount will be reflected.
      *Coupon codes will be distributed to registered email addresses at events, etc.
    2. Please check whether Express Checkout is available.
      If you are using Express Checkout, please select an option.
      * If you are paying by credit card, please enter your details on the "Payment page".
    3. Please enter your contact information and shipping address.
      Please enter the email address you normally use.
      *If you are using mobile email, please be careful about your "specified receiving settings."
      *If you are already a registered user, you can skip entering your information by logging in.
      *If the purchase address and shipping address are different, please enter the shipping address.
    4. Once you have finished filling out the form, click "Proceed to selecting shipping method" to proceed to the next step.
      *If you want to cancel your order, please click "Return to Cart" and delete the item.
  4. Please check the input information and shipping method.
    1. Please check that your contact and shipping address are correct.
      If you wish to make any corrections, please click "Change" and make the changes.
    2. Please select a delivery method.
      *If there is no shipping method, you can leave it as it is.
    3. Please click "Proceed to payment".
  5. Please check your payment information.
    1. Please enter your credit card information.
    2. Please check your billing address.
      * If your billing address and shipping address are different, Please uncheck " Use shipping address as billing address ." If you uncheck this, the field to enter the billing address will be displayed below.
      *If you want to save your information on each device, select "Save information for next purchase."
    3. After entering all the information, click "Pay Now."
  6. Your order is now complete.
    • An automatic email will be sent to the email address you registered to inform you of your order details.
      *We will send you a [Shipping Completion Email] when the product is shipped.
      *If you do not receive the above email, please contact Please also check your email settings (e.g., whether the email was sent to the spam folder, whether the email address was incorrect, whether you had disabled domain-specific reception, etc.).

About receipts

You can download a PDF receipt from the email we will send you when your order has been shipped.

You can also change the addressee and notes yourself.
The date on the receipt will be the date your payment is confirmed.

Please note that revenue stamps will not be attached regardless of the amount or payment method.

About delivery and shipping charges

About Shipping

Domestic (Japan)
Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.

Overseas (United States)
Yamato Transport

It may take approximately 10 days for the product to be delivered.

※You can not specify the delivery company.
*Depending on the number of products ordered, delivery may be made in multiple shipments.
*Please note that we may not be able to ship according to the above regulations due to large-scale events or natural disasters.

about shipping cost

·Domestic( Japan) Free

・Overseas (United States)
Shipping is free for orders of approximately 4001g or more per delivery address, as determined by our company.

*Please note that special shipping fees may apply depending on the product.

<Shipping fee list>

Shipping Name postage
Standard (approx. 800g to) $25
Extra1 (Approx. 801g to approx. 1600g to) $50
Extra2 (Approx. 1601g to approx. (up to 2400g) $75
Extra3 (Approx. 2401g to approx. (up to 3200g) $100
Extra4 (Approx. 3201g to approx. (up to 4000g) $125
FREE (Approx. 4001g or more) FREE

*This is based on our shipping product weight regulations and may differ from the actual product weight.

Regarding delivery date and time specification

*Delivery date and time cannot be specified*Delivery time may be delayed or advanced due to traffic conditions, weather, etc.

・Domestic (Japan)
Generally, orders are shipped within 10 days of the order date, but shipping may take longer depending on the product's availability.

・Overseas (United States)
Generally, orders are shipped within two weeks of the order date, but shipping may take longer depending on the product's availability.


Credit card payment

Payment fee: Free

◯ Cards accepted

  • VISA
  • JCB

◯Other electronic payments

  • Shop pay
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google pay

This website uses SSL (encryption security system). You can pay by card with peace of mind without worrying about your credit card information being leaked.

About gift wrapping

Please note that we do not offer gift wrapping.

Returns and Exchanges

In the case of returns or exchanges due to our negligence, such as damage, soiling, or incorrect product

We take every precaution to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that the product is damaged or soiled, or if you receive the wrong product, please contact us by email within 3 days of receiving the product with details. We will contact you regarding the return or exchange procedure.
* There may be a difference of about ±2-3cm between each size and the measurement chart, or individual differences. If the difference is within this range, it is considered to be within the inspection standard, so we cannot accept requests for exchanges or returns.

We ask that you return the product within 3 days of contacting us.
In this case, we will cover the round-trip shipping costs and the transfer fees incurred when making a refund.

In case of return or exchange due to customer's convenience

Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.

Return/exchange contact information

Please check the details of "In case of return or exchange due to customer's convenience" and then contact us at the email address listed below. 

*We strive to respond quickly, but as we are a small operation, it may take some time for us to respond. We ask for your patience.

Cancellation of your order

We cannot accept cancellations of products that have been ordered for more than one day. In such cases, we will treat the product as a return due to customer's convenience, so please understand in advance.